The Directorate of Corporate Communications as it is currently called is the arm of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office that coordinates the Public Relations functions of the University which include but are not limited to all forms of corporate communication, media relations, community relations, print production, media liaison and protocol services.

The Directorate facilitates the flow of information between the University and its various publics (the media, community, government and other national and international agencies) and takes charge of the University’s guests and their welfare.


The Directorate is located on the ground floor of the Old Senate Building.


The Directorate’s goals include, but are not limited to:

  • providing apt dissemination of information
  • bridging the gap between the University and the media
  • managing media content for the University
  • successfully planning, organizing and moderating University programmes
  • promoting goodwill for the University
  • receiving visitors to the University and ensuring their wellbeing and welfare during their stay
  • attending to related issues as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor


The Directorate employs the use of publications as instruments to achieve set goals. Some of these publications are:

  • FUTA News Bulletin, a weekly publication
  • FUTA News Magazine, a bi-annual publication
  • Press Release, a regular publication
  • Special Release, issued when there is breaking news
  • FUTA in the news, a periodic compilation of newspaper stories concerning FUTA
  • Giant Strides, an annual publication chronicling academic and developmental feats

Other instruments include:

  • Documented media reports of University events (newspaper cuttings)
  • Newspaper and Radio Advertisements
  • Press Conferences/Briefings
  • Other publications as the need arises for Convocation, Mid-tenure report, End of Tenure report, Conferences, Workshops, Lectures, Trainings, to mention a few.